The Autonomy of a Trainer

As a trainer, your job is to teach. You share information with and educate others, while inspiring and supporting them in reaching their goals.

What is just as important as teaching your students is teaching yourself. Training, always learning, and developing your own practice. We always say “keep exploring”, but it really is true. The more you explore, the more you open your body and mind up to achieving great things.

There must be a formula for achieving greatness. That one right way? You can follow a great teacher or a great coach, and have someone say to you yes, that’s correct, well done. But gold stars don’t help you develop independence or original thinking. Being good at what you do comes from trusting yourself, following your instincts and pushing your boundaries.

Sometimes pushing boundaries can feel daunting and that’s why we look elsewhere for direction. But isn’t it actually the most exciting thing to be able to take your practice anywhere you want? It’s important to train to be able to teach, but to get better at teaching you just have to teach. So your own training; that can be your creation. As you create, this influences and inspires how and what you teach. This is where you start to develop your own practice for both yourself and your students. This is how you start to develop autonomy as a trainer.

I’ve spent the past month reassessing my goals, and thinking about what it is I love most when it comes to moving my body. There are new skills that I want to achieve, but I’ve put no time limit on them. Each day I work on what I feel will be the most beneficial to either achieving those goals, or what it is my body actually needs in that moment. This communication with yourself and this awareness is something no one else can give you. This is another reason why it’s so important to be proactive and independent with learning.

It’s taken me a long time to let go of thinking that I always need to be guided. I’ve been with GMB Fitness for two and a half years, and one of their trainers for over a year. I’m representing a company, I’m teaching what they create, and it’s something I really believe in. But I’m still an individual and what I do can be unique. Unique in the sense that no two trainers will ever teach the exact same thing in the exact same way. We aren’t supposed to be versions of one another. We’re a community of contrasting people. I have strengths, I have weaknesses, I need feedback and I need advice. But I also have the ability to think beyond what’s put in front of me, and see the potential for something different.

GMB have been setting challenges. Just search for #froggerchallenge #pistolchallenge #monkeychallenge on Instagram or Facebook. I decided to make this part of my study, and another way I develop my practice. It forces you to think, until you aren’t thinking but just feeling. Remember, we have resources everywhere. Take what inspires you and build on it. See something, try it, and develop it. (Always credit the source of inspiration). Learn from the people around you and in turn they’ll be learning from you.

Develop your own autonomy, and you become a leader. When you let go of the expectations you have on yourself, your potential is limitless. You can take charge and move forwards with conviction in your practice, and in your teaching. You become the person to guide other people, because they see that confidence and beautiful movement, and that becomes inspiration.

It takes time to grow into your own skin, and to figure out what matters to you and what you love most as a trainer and as a human. That’s just part of the journey, and you’ll keep experiencing until you suddenly find you’re stood upright with insight and an understanding of where you’re headed.


Our world of movement is tiny but it’s growing every day. That growth starts with you, the trainer. You have so much choice and so much freedom, so take whatever you want to do and run with it.

Here is a compilation of movement that I’ve been exploring over the past few weeks. This is what I love.